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Mar. 3rd, 2015 11:05 am
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Leave prompts (tags, pics, lyrics, songs, etc) here! Canon, AU, Smut, whatever.

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Nov. 21st, 2014 12:26 am
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» NAME: Freya Beauchamp
» FANDOM: Witches of East End
» CANON POINT: Episode 2.9
» AGE: 30
» GENDER: Female
» ORIENTATION: Heterosexual, maybe a little bi-curious?

» YES: Vanilla, Light BDSM, Sensory Play/Denial, Group, Scenarios. If you don't see it on the list, ask!
» MAYBE: Food, Drugs, Dub-Con. If you don't see it on the list, ask!
» NO: Hardcore BDSM, Bathroom Play, Gore, Vore, Non-Com. If you don't see it on the list, ask!
» PAIRING PREFERENCES: From canon: Freya/Killian, Freya/Dash. Open to cross-canon! Males preferred, at least for now.

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» AIM/PLURK/OTHER: PM, Plurk by request.


Nov. 19th, 2014 08:13 pm
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Comments, criticisms, and hexes here.

Amat App

Nov. 9th, 2014 06:38 pm
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» Journal: eilif (No Reserve)
» Birthdate/Age:
» Characters Played: N/A
» Re-App Status: N/A
» Name: Freya Eilif Beauchamp
» Canon: Withes of East End
» Reference:
» Canon Point: Episode 2.9, "Smells Like King Spirit"
» Gender: Female
» Age: 30
» Appearance: A petite woman standing 5'3", Freya's long dark hair falls in waves almost to the small of her back. Her eyes are green, her skin tone a light olive.
» Suitability: N/A
» Orientation: Heterosexual, as per canon. Throughout her many lifetimes she has had many boyfriends, with no mention of her ever being involved with women. Her soul mate, Killian, has always incarnated in male form.
» Personality:
The youngest daughter of the Beauchamp family, Freya is the wild child of her generation. In her most recent lifetime her mother opted not to reveal to her that she had magic, but Freya was always highly intuitive, able to perceive auras at an early age. Considered sensitive and imaginative, she spent a great deal of time with child therapists as a result. Later in life, when her mother Joanna revealed the truth, Freya was deeply hurt that she had spent so much time being told what she was experiencing was just her imagination.

Perhaps the worst thing one can do to Freya is lie to her - which is ironic, considering that she in East End she has to hide what she is to the whole population. Unlike her sister Ingrid, who tends to favor reason over emotion and tends to act with caution, Freya is more about acting first and thinking later, often letting her emotions get the better of her. While Ingrid has gone to school and becomes a librarian, Freya gets by working as a barmaid.

She is extremely loyal to those she loves. She was prepared to remain with Dash despite her intense reaction upon meeting Killian, and she repeatedly puts her mother, aunt, and sister's needs before her own. When their father and her twin brother return to their lives, she is the first to open her arms and heart to welcome them back into the family even while others still need convincing.

The most constant people in her life have always been her mother and sister. Joanna, her mother, has always been the authority figure in her life. If that weren't complicated enough, Joanna's curse is that she forever outlives her children - Freya never lives past thirty and Ingrid always dies shortly thereafter, upon which Joanna promptly becomes pregnant again with a new incarnation of Ingrid and the cycle begins anew. Each time her children evolve into new personalities, shaped by both nature and nurture. This time around, with Joanna choosing not to reveal magic to her daughters until they were adults, it initially created some friction between Joanna and Freya in particular, though eventually they worked it out. As much as Freya is her generation of the Beauchamp family's wild child, at the end of the day when things really go south, Freya's going to run for her mother.

Ingrid, her older sister, is her best friend. Freya jumps into things without looking, but Ingrid is a planner and a researcher. Rather than their differences being something that draws them apart, it's more of a yin and yang situation. The intellectual qualities that reside in Ingrid are something Freya respects rather than finding detrimental, and in turn allows her to appreciate those with such capabilities. She may be more of a party girl, but she won't put up with disrespect toward the 'geek' types.

Her aunt Wendy and her twin brother Frederick, and her father Victor have come into life only lately. Wendy is the very definition of the 'cool' aunt, with a spirit that is very similar to Freya's as having a tendency to follow her pleasure principle. When Freya wants to do something that Joanna finds questionable, it's often Wendy who backs her up and encourages Freya to take risks.

Freddie is an even more recent addition to the family, crossing the dimensional gateway from Asgard after siding with their grandfather when the rest of the family was exiled. This is her first lifetime since exile she has actually been with him, and when they met, she was extremely pleased, but not surprised...she had somehow always known she was a twin. Her feelings for him are complex, considering his loyalties seem to be constantly in question, but there's no denying their connection, particularly since there is specific magic that the pair of them can only do together.

When Victor returned to the family, Freya was the first to welcome her father, and it was she who persuaded the rest to give him the chance to reunite with them. She did not have nearly enough time to spend with him, and he died - true, final death - to save her, even though she would reincarnate. Father figures are pretty alien to her, but she mourns Victor and her chance to understand what it would really be like to truly have one. His last act was one of paternal love that has at least given her a glimpse of understanding.

In matters of the heart, when she has not dedicated herself to one particular person, she has led several lifetimes in which she has enjoyed a variety of lovers. However, two keep cropping up across her lifetimes, and in the most recent they are brothers and warlocks themselves: Dash and Killian. One is her destroyer, the other her destiny. Initially engaged to Dash, she was convinced that Killian was her destroyer, only to discover it was the other way around. She left Dash for Killian, and though she believes they've come to terms, she has no idea how much resentment Dash has for her and his brother now because of her loss, and she has no idea of how far Dash has been slipping into dark magic.

Killian, on the other hand, is her star-crossed lover. They always instinctively recognize each other across their lifetimes when they cross paths (not all of their lifetimes align), and always fall in love. Usually though, it doesn't last, as fate - often in the form of Dash - ends in one or the other being killed, and whomever remains soon following after until they are born again and find each other once more. It's both exciting and frustrating, as the two of them seem incapable of being able to have the lasting long life that they both desire.

As mentioned, Freya basically lives her life by her pleasure principle. Even her work life involves being in a highly social situation, pouring and serving drinks while watching beautiful people. She gets to stay up at night and sleep late in the morning. Instinct and emotion tend to come before logic and reason.

But just because she enjoys pleasure doesn't mean she's a slave to it. Freya, at least in this time, is a genuinely good person who cares about the happiness of others, and of late East End has had a serious case of the Sunnydale as far as mystical happenings go. She greatly enjoys her magic, unafraid to experiment with it, take risks, and try new things, with her strongest affinity for brewing potions.

She has a very frank, open, and liberal attitude toward sex as long as its consensual. While Amat involves a certain element of enforcement, it's little different to Freya than having to perform any enforced act, but weighed against the opportunity to have her powers restored and given the fact that she will have choice in the matter of who she partners with, well...there are worse things she could do.

» Re-App Changes: N/A
» First Person Sample Choice: First Person Prompt One -
» Third Person Sample Choice: Third Person Prompt Two -

Killian was kissing her. Not just her mouth, though he'd left plenty of himself lingering on her tongue and lips, but on every inch of skin he could find. Killian knew all the places that made her shiver, not just the places that would arouse any woman. His mouth felt like velvet as it brushed against the thin skin behind her ear, pressed against her throat's pulse, and and gentleness only gave way to force when his teeth nipped at her wrist.

"Killian," she breathed, her breath coming in gasps, feeling the pressure and pleasure start to build up within herself; Freya wondered if he felt it all like she did. Was it like climbing to the top of a mountain, and upon reaching the peak, launching yourself into the air to fly instead of fall? Was it like being the crest of a wave, rising and rising, only to collapse against the surface of the water with a thunderous crash?

Or maybe she could think about poetry later, because he was inside her, and it was perfect, it was glorious, Freya wanted him inside her forever, and she could feel his spine uncoiling as she cried out --

-- she sits up in the bed, her orgasm leaving her upper thighs wet and Killian's name hanging on her lips. The intensity of it leaves her panting, and the afterglow leaves her smiling, even though she realizes he isn't here. It was still one hell of a dream, and it's dark and she's too saited to realize the Greco-Roman decor does not match that of her room as she practically purrs her way back into slumber.


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